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WE: techno consequences on the human







WE: techno consequences on the human

Edited by

Pollyana Ferrari

The title of this book, “We – techno consequences on the human”, owes its inspiration to the Russian writer Yevgeny Zamiatin (1884-1937). This is what Pollyana Ferrari, organizer of this work, tells us in the introduction. She reminds us that, between 1920 and 1921, Zamiatin wrote the novel “We” to draw a then distant future. In that future, there would be a Single State exercising strict control over the population of the world, administratively limited to ten million inhabitants. Technology at the service of power would play the central role. “There is no space for the individual, only for the collective, and people who have found the formula for happiness are called by numbers,” observes Pollyana Ferrari. One of the most sensitive and outstanding Brazilian researchers dedicated to thinking about the labyrinthine tangle of relations between humans and machines, she, once again, shows us how it’s done.

Eugênio Bucci

WE: techno consequences on the human
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