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Perspectives on phenomenological psychology: brazilian experiences

Adriano Furtado Holanda (Ed.)

Phenomenology, since its beginning, has always been characterized by rigor and openness, in addition to being a movement that transcended geographical borders, welcoming a diversity of perspectives that made it the center of epistemological reflection in the 20th century, with consequences in the Hermeneutics, in the Philosophy of Existence and in Neurosciences, for example. The transcendence of borders has always accompanied the figure of Edmund Husserl, making Phenomenology, from an early age, a “planetary” tradition  – Husserl welcomed around himself and his ideas, a myriad of collaborators and students of the most diverse nationalities – and multidisciplinary (also from an early age, we find phenomenological reflections on the most diverse fields of knowledge), resulting in a movement with different facets and paths: realistic, constitutive, existential and hermeneutic.


Nº de pág.: 182

ISBN: 978-65-5917-402-7

DOI: 10.22350/9786559174027

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